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About The Writer's Help Society
The idea of this is a place where writers can get help and feedback. It started as a thread (or forum topic) on Inkpop where writers on the site could as questions without clogging the forums with little questions or big ones.

We're grow to many Inkpop members and we've decided to spread the idea to the rest of the internet as a source for help and support. We're not exactly a "society" just people who are willing to give support.

About Sareh
Sareh is the founder of The Writer's Help Society. She is excited to see the idea grow and hopes that you find this just as much help as the good people of Inkpop have. 

She blogs regularly at Birds of a Writer and is a member of several other online writing sites. She has finished the first draft of a YA fantasy novel and is currently working on two more. 

 Sareh works as her school's sports journalist when she can and she hopes to restart the school's student newspaper again next year. She is also the member of several online writing sites and Sareh tries to attend a monthly writer's group. She writes mainly YA science fiction and fantasy, historical fiction, and romance. She has been published in her school's advent devotional booklet.

Sareh is a strong christian and she vows to never post anything that would contradict her views. She loves drawing maps and character sketches. Drawing people is something she's good at although she has problems drawing scenery an objects.

About Annie
Hey everyone!  My name is Annie.  If I'm going to be a regular blogger around here, I probably should introduce myself.  
I've been writing poems and stories all my life.  I can't remember a time where I didn't enjoy simply putting words on paper.  I wrote my first novella when I was twelve, a contemporary horse story titled Circle of Forever.  I soon followed with its sequel,Summer Smoke.  Since then I've written my first full-length novel, tentatively titled Secrets of the Legend Chaser.  It's a high fantasy story about a runaway, a street thief, a peasant girl, and lots and lots of dragons, because I love dragons!  

I have had an article published in my local newspaper, and I had a poem published in Teen Ink magazine, but other than that I've never published a book.  I hope to someday, though!  

When not writing, I read.  A lot.  My favorites include Eragon, the Pendragon series, Artemis Fowl, The Thief Lord, The Scorpio Races, Eonand Eona, The Book Thief, the Gone series, and way too many more to name here.  I also spend a huge amount of time listening to my iPod and practicing either flute, piano, or piccolo.  

On those rare occasions that I'm not doing any of the above, I'm probably doing homework.  Or riding horses.  Or lurking around the Inkpop forums.  Or blogging.  Speaking of blogging, I also blog at The Epic, The Awesome, and The Random, yet another writing blog.  

But, enough about me already.  I look forward to watching this blog grow to infinity and beyond!

About Kaye 
Kaye is an avid gamer, crafter and a master at procrastination. When she's not screaming at Minecraft animals or making a cute crocheted plush army to take over the world with, she can be found writing dark stories that often feature a character with a twisted personality underneath an innocent mask. 

She might have a few screws loose, but that's what makes life interesting. 

Kaye is sixteen years old, in her third year of high school.  She participates in her school's Social Justice club, where they try to raise awareness of social issues like poverty, racism and bullying in the community. 
PS: Minecraft is really addicting, don't play it for the sake of your writing. 

Q & A 
If you can't find your question/answer here, please, contact us!
And for a faster response, please email us at syrah(dot)peony(at)yahoo(dot)com.

My question, comment, etc. didn't get a reply! 
We're sorry about that and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

What is this blog about? 
This blog is about helping writers grow! Other people can be interested of course.

How are topics chosen? 
According to whatever the poster feels like posting. But we keep it with in a good atmosphere, NO multitudes of swearing, no offensive or mean things, or anything that goes against our views and rules will be tolerated.

I'm an agent, author, etc who wants to do an interview or give an ARC... 
We would love to interview you or read an ARC! Just contact us and we'll set up an interview and if you're giving ARCs, just contact us and we'll work something out there too.

How do I become a Guest Blogger (GB)? 
Use the contact form (under Contact Us!) and say that you want to contribute to the blog. Provide us with your email for further talk and in case we decide to add you on. We'll want to know why you want to contribute to this blog and things like that. We'd appreciate it if you have a blog, website, or something along that lines to show to us. We'd like to get to know you a little before we let you post. If you request a spot, we'll consider you and you'll hear back from us within a week or two.

Will my email be given out? 
No, of course not! Your email will only be used so you can blog on here. And if you can't blog with us anymore, we'll remove your email from our list.

How many people can join the blogging team? 
Up to 100.

How much do I have to blog? 
If your assigned a day, you can post at least once that day or up to two other posts on the same day. We'd rather not have a million random posts on one day. As for time issue, if you do not post for at least a month without letting us know, you will be removed from our blogging list unless told otherwise.

If I become a GB how often will I be posting? 
At the moment we don't really have a schedule, Sareh and Annie post every other week, and once we get enough GBs, we'll assign days. You'll most likely be posting once a week.

Will I have a certain topic if I choose to do so? 
No not really unless you want to or we feel there is a need for it. As for content it must be apporiate and not offensive. Remember that if you don't say it in person, don't say it at all. We're all about creating a community (or a scocity) to help our fellow writers.

I'm assigned a day but I a) can't blog anymore or b) can't blog on my assigned day. Now what? 
Just message us and let us know! We'll work something out. Even if you can't blog on a certian day doesn't mean you can't blog with us again.

Who owns this blog and who can change things? 
The admins own this blog and GBs CANNOT change anything without our permission. You're only here to post. If you feel something needs to be changed you can contact us and let us know.

Can you (admins) change my posts? 
We won't. If there's something we don't apporve of, we'll make it private and then talk to you to see if there's any way we make it better. If you don't reply or keep insisting on it, we can and will delete the post. If you do so again (up to three times), you will be kicked off the blogging team.

What can I blog about? 
Anything really, as long as its within reason. We'd rather not know what you ate for lunch. You can post interesting information, news articles you've found interesting, pictures, videos, etc. But it must not be offensive or mean.

What if I want to use something that's not mine? 
If it's not yours, that's plagiarizing and people can and will sue. SO DON'T. If you post something that's not yours, cite where you got it from. If we've found you have plagiarizing, we will a) ask why and b) request that you cite your source.

What if I want to use something of mine from another blog, website, etc? 
If its yours, feel free to use it, but make sure to say where. Just in case.

Can we post things about religion, politics, etc? 
Sure, but if you have something you'd like to post that you feel could potientally offend someone, please show it to one of the admins before posting it. We'll get back to you ASAP about it. We don't mind opinions of course, but keep them respectful and mindful of others.

How old do you have to be to be a GB? 
Truly, there's no age limit. But keep in mind that this blog can, could, and will be read by younger readers. So keep things friendly and we'll do fine. If you're going to review and adult book, please say so, especially if it has questionable content.

What if I no longer want to be a GB? 
Then contact us and we'll work something out.

Who are the admins? 
Sareh and Annie. Only they are allowed to make changes to the blog (besides posting).

Can I use text-speech? 
No! This is a writer's blog! Unless you're proving a point or doing it for a specific reason, please don't talk in text speech. It's annoying and can be confusing. (Ex. brb, u 2, lol, ttyl, etc)

You're using something of mine without my permission, and I want it taken down. 
Just contact us and we'll take it down. (Providing it truly is yours). We're sorry if anything like this happens.

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