Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kaye - 100% crazy with a side of nuts

Since I'll be posting quite often on here (Tuesday, every week, I'll try not to make everyone sick of me), I should introduce myself. Hi, I'm Kaye Dominique!  I'd rather not post pictures of me online, so here's a dream avatar I made.
I'm sixteen years old, in the middle of my third year of high school. I moved to Canada when I was nine years old from the Philippines. My English isn't heavily accented like other Filipino kids, and since I don't look Filipino, I'm often mistaken as Korean. (Even my own parents think I look Korean.)
Writing is my life. I can`t go a day without it. I have to write something everyday, even if it`s crap. This leads to a lot of deleted files on my iPod Documents app. I`ve been writing since grade eight. I started with fanfiction and eventually got to where I am today, original fiction with a healthy dose of insane characters and gore. This year, I also discovered that I am now incapable of writing anything else, proven by the children`s story assignment. Yeah...that didn`t work out too well. I ended up with a story about a garden of severed arms. Cantarella, which was up on inkpop for a short time, is an entry in the Polar Expressions contest. The winners will be announced next month. I`m so excited!
My personality...I'm emotionally imbalanced. I'm obsessive over certain types of things. The sadistic side of me helps with my stories, since all of them are really dark and twisted.
My hobbies include playing Minecraft, crocheting and crafting. Sounds nice, right? Yes, because I totally don't push mobs into lava pools or go crazy with the TNT. Nope. I want Assassin's Creed Revelations because of the story, not because I can murder everyone in sight (and desynchronize because of it). I also don't make cute and cuddly crocheted armies that I could take over the world with.
I did not make the cute monsters in the picture, but I`m working on it.
You`ll see me posting tips about characterization, portraying emotion, crafts that writers and readers would enjoy and also how to kill someone with a spoon. I`m just kidding with that last one. XD I just had two cups of green tea (green tea-flavoured sugar is more like it), so I`m kind of hyper right now. Sorry if I scared anyone!


  1. Welcome to the blog, Kaye! I look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Hi! Thanks for having me here guys! I'll write my actual post tomorrow.

  2. Hi Kaye! :D

    Do you like writing horror? My latest story, The Cursing, has some gore in it. The story sounds like it should have more gore than actually does though. It's dark fantasy I think. I've never been totally positive.

    1. Yup.But I think I'd fall under psychological horror rather than actual horror. I depend on atmosphere and emotions quite a bit instead of corpses and stuff.
      Well, from your pitch on inkpop, it seems like it's dark fantasy. I'm not picking up many hints of gore though.

    2. I kinda do more psychological horror too. Its a mix though. Most of The Cursing is psychological horror but in the second part of the story, there is some gory parts. Not really I-think-I'm-going-to-throw-up-gore, but more of eeewww. If that makes any sense...

      There isn't a lot of gore in the first part, there's no need until the second half of the book when she becomes the High Priestess. I don't mention it alot in the pitch because it doesn't happen alot, but there's maybe two or three scenes where it gets bloody.