Saturday, January 28, 2012

Defeating the Evil Overlord.

(This post has been reposted from Birds of a Writer: Defeating the Overlord Meatball: Otherwise known as Writer's Block! )

Okay so most of you probably don't know who the Overlord Meatball is. I'll explain, he's part of a comic strip my cousin and I once did. It was called "Bad Ideas" and about a pig who always got into trouble. One of the strips, he was a superhero and had to defeat the Overlord Meatball.

If you've been hit by Writer's Block, here are some ideas to try while you're waiting for your car to be repaired. (Reference to an older post on Birds of a Writer)
  • Get exercise! Run, take the dog for a walk, or finish cleaning the house! As long as you're not writing. Sometimes people spend too much time thinking about something and they fry their brain. Doing something else will get those juices flowing again.
  • Do nothing. Yeah, you read that right! Do nothing! Sit down, turn off the music, the TV, get away from whatever could distract you and just let your mind drift. Try to not think. Or you could just think about whatever. As long as you're not doing anything. And it doesn't have to be for long, five to ten minutes even.
  • Go read something! There's been times where I'm stuck on something and when I'm reading I'll suddenly get an idea.
  • Talk about it over with a friend. They may help you brainstorm new ideas you may have never thought of.
  • Do something really homework. (This is great for if you can't sleep too!)
  • Draw something! I love drawing maps for my stories, they help me plan things.
  • Get to know your characters better. Some stories are character driven. If you're having trouble thinking of a scene or something doesn't seem right, try filling out a character sheet. Character sheet are lists of things about your character (eye color, hair color, hobbies, relationships, dislikes/loves, etc).
  • Sleep on it. It's proven that sleep may help you overcome problems. A dream may help you find that jewel your Main Character (MC) is looking for, or it may introduce you to another character. Plus, not only will you be feeling better, you'll know what to do!
  • Tackle another problem that is bothering you. If you can't write and it's the night before that big test, studying for it may help. Not only will you do better on that test, but you won't have to worry about it when you wake up.
  • Just write! Turn off anything that distracts you and write for a certain amount of time or till you reach a certain word count. Don't stop to go through the spelling errors or grammar errors. Wait to get to those once you're done. And write about anything! Let it go in any direction. Even if you're rambling about your day, that's fine too!
  • Start at the end, middle, or beginning! Say you know how you want it to end, but you don't know how to begin a story. That's fine! Write that ending and try to come up with events leading to that ending.
  • Write a spin off. Have a favorite character besides the MC? Try writing a spin off about them! You never know will it will go and it may even give you new insight to your story.
  • Write in a Journal. Journals are extremely helpful because you can write in it whenever you want and you can write about anything you want. Plus no one has to see it. You can even put pictures in it, record conversations, draw, the possibilities are limitless. 
  • Learn about a new culture. Always wanted to learn about Ancient Egypt, well go ahead and do it! You never know, something from a new culture might give you inspiration and you'll learn new things. 
  • Travel! If you always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon, why not? And if you can't travel or take a vacation, look around your backyard or town. Talk to your neighbors. Explore the baseball park or even go see a game. 
  • Look at pictures. I've found several ideas for stories by looking at pictures. And if it helps, print out those pictures and put them wherever you write or keep them in a folder so you can pull them out whenever you want to. 
So do you have any other tips for overcoming Writer's Block? If you feel like sharing, post a comment!


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