Monday, March 5, 2012

Meet FallenBunnyBubu!

Hey guys, due to Inkpop shutting down, this might be our last Inkie interview. Sad I know. We might be able to interview more people in the future but in case, I'm letting you guys know. In the meantime, lets give a warm welcome to Chanelle! 

Hiyas :D I'm Chanelle(: I'm a fourteen year old girl and a Freshman in high school:D I'm Christian:D I like writing [obviously], drawing [though I'm not good at it], singing [though I get real shy] and acting [eh]. I believe in standing up for what you believe in, even if you're alone. I absolutely cannot stand bullies [cybers, physics, emotional....ANY KIND.] at all. -squishes- I love people who aren't afraid to be themselves. And....yeah(: Hha.

How long have you been writing and have you always wanted to be a writer?
Well, I've been writing since age 10, so four years. And no, I'd wanted to be a singer but then when I was 12, I decided on writing.
On your profile you say that you write novels in verse. What exactly are novels in verse? Is it like epic poetry in a way?
I guess a novel in verse can be called or refereed to as an "epic poem" but I really don't see it as that. To me, it's a way of expressing the novelist inside you and putting it into beautiful, poetic words.
On Inkpop, you have three projects up, Tagged (which I was was in the top 5. Congratulations!), Stutter, and Falling. Explain shortly what they are about.
Thanks:] Well, Tagged is basically about six teens with normal high school problems like not fitting in, sexuality, gender issues, cutting, weight, etc. Stutter is a poem I wrote for an LGBTQ contest in the transgender side based off of one of my characters [Blake] from Tagged. And last but not least, Falling is about a teenage boy dealing with the harsh reality of killing his girlfriend. He deals with it through drugs and ends up in rehab.
Being a Christian, does that affect your writing at all? [b]
It does. It really does. When I'm writing, I have to limit my swearing and limit a lot of things so it's right with my heart.
[b]Do enjoy writing in one certain genre (like fantasy or something) or do you explore other types of writing and genres?
No. I novels in verse but I also write dystopian and everything else. Just not fantasy. Not that.
Do you enjoy reading the same kinds of books you write? If so, has any one book or author impacted your writing the most?
Yes. I read a lot like I write. I love reading the Burn Journals by Brent Runyon and all Ellen Hopkins books. They affect me greatly.
Do you like to listen to music when you write, and if so, does a certain type of music affect your writing?
Lol no. I don't listen to music when writing. It distracts me.
Do you outline your books or do you write them as you go?
I outline a little and write as I go, my heart leading the way.
If you could visit any time period (past or futuristic) what time period would that be and why?
I would go back to the very early 1900s because then, life was so gorgeous and all the pieces were falling into place.
How do you defeat writer's block?
I don't. I usually cry and cry and cry until it goes away. I'm a wimp lawls.
If there was one thing people had to take away from your books, what would that be?
Like, when they read it, what do they feel? Well, I guess it's the reality between the books and how what happens there is happening right now. In front of us.
Think quick!
slippers or socks? Socks.
Water or land? Water.
Favorite subject in school? Hm...Health.
Leopards or lions? Neither. They scare me.
Pink or orange? Pink:}
Thanks Chanelle for agreeing to an interview! We're so happy to have talked to you. 


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