Thursday, December 29, 2011

Never Judge a Book by its...Title?

As we all know, choosing a title for our books and other projects is very important. It can help a reader decide if they want to read it and the title can help convey what the work is about. So here are some tips to help you choose that perfect title!

  1. Summary- Is there a way you can summarize your story into a couple words or a word? For example, one of my stories is about a prophecy so I named it "The Prophecy."
  2. Ask for ideas- Ask family and friends if they have any ideas for a title for your story. 
  3. Write first- Sometimes its best to come up with a temporary title until you've finished the story. Until then you can name it whatever. 
  4. Themed based- Does your story have a particular theme or can it be strongly put into a certain genre? Think of a title that conveys that theme or look around bookstores or libraries at books in the same genre to see what they did. 
  5. Generate a list- Don't worry about cheesy titles here. Just write whatever sounds good to you and then pick your top five favorites or ask your friends and family which they like the best. 



  1. Great post, Sareh! The generate a list thing always seems to work for me. I also tend to use lines from my book as titles.

  2. Thanks Annie! I wanted give more ideas but I couldn't think of any or find any ones other than the ones I used.

    I love listing random ideas for titles. I usually have a good idea of what to name the story, but when I'm not sure, I turn to my lists. I haven't used any lines yet from my books for titles.