Thursday, February 2, 2012

Crafts for Writers!

When I fry my brain after weeks or months of writing, I usually turn to crafting. Here are some craft tutorials that you guys might find interesting.
Page corner bookmarks. Tutorial from I Could Make That
Torn up bits of paper are horrible bookmarks.

Make your own pencils. Tutorial on Scissors.Paper.Wok
Because school pencils and pens are like, so yesterday. (=^x^=)
An envelope book. Tutorial on
It'd be a good place to store ideas you've written on slips of paper and Post-Its.
Feather gel pens. Tutorial on Idle Wife
Who doesn't like pretending they're writing with a quill? 
And because we've all worked hard, whether it be at school, work or in writing, we deserve some chewy chocolate chip cookies. Here's the recipe from The Pastry Affair

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  1. These are all really cool! I love them! And the bookmarks are ADORABLE. :D Plus, the envelope notebook is a really awesome idea! Great post!