Monday, February 6, 2012

Inkie Interview! Meet Lacey!

Tonight we're interviewing Lacey from Inkpop. Take it away!

So reading over your blog, I saw that your penname is Lacey. Is there a particular reason why you choose to be known as Lacey? Do you plan on using it if you plan to get published one day?
If/when (let's hope on 'when') I get published, I plan to use my real name, but since I get really paranoid about people over the internet, I've gone through several pennames. Lacey is just a name I've always liked... when I was younger I planned to change my name officially to Lacey :P
What is "Hooked" about? Where did you get the idea for it?
Hooked is about a boy who starts his junior year in a new school in Harlem, New York. Not being 'popular' but still being 'socially acceptable,' Quenton easily finds himself a group of friends and, out of that group, a girlfriend. Later on he discovers his friends are... familiar with some pretty serious drugs, and he's pressured to being doing and dealing. He gives in. It was a simple matter of 'friends' or 'no friends.' The whole book could be summed up with the moral 'don't do drugs' because some of the things that happen to Quenton are... less that desirable, I guess :P The idea came to me from the news. I hear so much about kids older and even younger than me getting into that. It made my heart clench, and I just thought, 'something has to be said about this, somehow...'
What is your favorite thing to write (genre of book like fantasy or genre like poetry)? Do you like to read the same things you write?
My favorite genre to write is the plain old realistic fiction. Even though it's a bit more narrow than, say, fantasy, I think of it as a way to get my life experiences and rants out through a character that no one can judge. I mean, it's a fictional character...
And, maybe it's weird, but I prefer to read fantasy and such over realistic writing. I'm not exactly sure why, but... yeah :)
I noticed that you mentioned your a Christian (which is cool cause I am too), anyways, does your faith ever affect your writing?
It definitely does. I'm not exactly sure how to put it, but it sort of acts as a guideline for me. When I write, I want my characters to be role models (which, before any of you accuse me, Quenton *does* become, but that's a spoiler!) So naturally I won't have my main character be promiscuous, or dirty like a sailor. I don't enjoy writing that. One because I have no experience in promiscuity or things like that, and two it's just uncomfortable. I read my pieces to my parents, and I think we all know that a sex scene would be a bit... awkward.
I've been reading over your posts for your Inkpop blog, The Shot Blog, where did you come up with the name for it and if you were able to make a blog on like Blogger, would it still be The Shot Blog? Would you change it or talk about different things?
If I did make an official blog, I would consider changing the name. While I LOVE 'The Shot Blog' and calling me readers 'shotties,' I don't think that name would be appropriate in the future, when I have some job or am more well-known. Something about it might not ring well with my boss. Aside from the name though, its contents will definitely be the same.
How long have you been writing? Have you always been a writer?
I have been writing since first grade, and I'm in some year in high school now. Though, that was just silly first-grade musings. I 'seriously' became a writer when 7th grade rolled around and a very inspirational English teacher informed me I had a talent not many in my school had.
What kinds of things inspire you? Is there anyone or anything in particular?
Music fo sho! I can't do ANYTHING without music. I'll be writing a freaking essay with Spotify playing and it just helps me churn things out. As for creative writing, I pick small details from things. News stories, certain verses in a song, certain events that happen to other people... The works.
If you were stuck on an island what are five things you'd make sure you had?
1.) Endless paper and pens
2.) Water purifier
3.) Bottomless pit of food
4.) A guitar
5.) I suppose Quenton (my boyfriend--not my character :P). I would pick my family but I don't think they'd want to be stuck on an island...
What is the best piece of advice you've ever received?
'Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it.'
It's what I go by now :) Makes me strong.
If there was one important thing you could tell people, what would it be? (Like stop bulling because its mean, etc).
Things are going to hurt and sting and sear like a motherf*cker. A lot of people might not say this, but... it's fine to be frustrated. Just don't let it rule your life.
Think Fast!
Ice cream or cookies?
Books or movies?
Book recordings! (Take that!)
Favorite genre of music?
Anything except country... does dubstep count as a genre?
Favorite Author/book?
Waiting for Godot by Beckett (Absurdist drama, if you like that stuff)
Dogs or cats?

Thanks Lacey!

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